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The College Library is presently located in the Centre of the school. A location that makes it convenient for both students and staff to use. Library services open at 8:00 am and close at 6:00pm. 


The following categories of people are eligible to use and borrow books from the Library following due process.

i. Members of the Governing Council of the College.

ii. All Academic, Senior Administrative/Technical Staff of the College.

ii. Registered Students of the College.

In all cases stated above, users/readers must be registered with the College Library. The under listed group of people can also use the Library for reference purposes:

a. Graduate of the College

b. Visiting Researchers.

c. Students of other Tertiary Institutions.

d. Persons granted permission by the College Librarian.


Only Registered users are allowed in the Library. Seats are not reserved. Users are to surrender themselves for inspection when leaving the library. Silence must be observed in the Library. All Library Materials must be treated with care. Any damage or loss of property should be reported immediately. The College Librarian may order the user to pay replacement cost for any library materials damaged or lost.

The Library will not responsible for any personal belongings left behind in the library. The College librarian can suspend any who infringes the regulations from the use of the Library. Library users are not allowed to enter the Library with bags, radio, umbrellas and any other prohibited items. No smoking in the Library. Cases of stealing, mutilations or defacing of books will be taken as a very serious offence and the offenders will be severely dealt with. Orderly conduct must be observed in and around the Library. Silence must be maintained in the reading room. Books and journals consulted in the Library should be left on the tables and not returned to the shelves.

The College Librarian may charge a fine as may be determined for each book which is over due for return to the Library. Further privileges may be withdrawn from any one who keeps books longer than 30 days after they due for return or renewal.