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1. To be eligible for participation in the Students Industrial Work Experience Schemes (SIWES) a student must be a matriculated and bonafide student of the College.

2. Only students in the College who have completed 100 level courses are eligible to participate in the SIWES programme.

3.The SIWES programme shall be run for a maximum period of twelve (12) weeks at the end of first session.

4. The Industrial Training Fund (ITF) is responsible for payment of statutory allowance to students participating in the scheme. For prompt payment of such allowance, students are advised to observe the following conditions:

  • Ensure placement in an area where a student would have opportunity to develop his skills before taking up a job .
  • Students are to ensure that their placements for SIWES (employers) is not changed at will because it will affect payment of their allowances.
  • Submit Technical Reports not latter than two weeks of resumption from the completion of the programme.
  • Submit Students Payment Employment (SPE) form to the ITF Area Office within their various offices.
  • Submit ITF form 8 to institution base supervisor along with their logbook on resumption.