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The College operates an open door policy. Students have many avenues to express their grievances or seek clarifications on issues not clear to them.

The College does not encourage the propagation of rumours on the campus and it also frowns at the externalization of issues that can be resolved internally. Communication from individual students, student union, clubs and/or societies must be routed through the students Affairs Office to the College management.

Students are free to report their problems suggestions or all forms of grievances to the students' union executives.

A student who is aggrieved by the conduct of a member of staff in the College should report the matter to the student affairs officer or the College Counselor.

However, students can also report any grievance against any member of staff to the Head of Department and the Dean of the School of the staff concerned. If the matter can be resolved at this level, there will be no need to bring the matter to the Student Affairs Office. Students are not expected to take their complaints directly to the Provost. They must go through this channel of communication. Any student/students organisation that fails to adhere to this channel may not be attended to.

Anonymous petition and baseless insinuations will not be attended to.


Enquiries and complaints in the area of academics such as Examinations. Admissions, Results, Lecture, Time-table etc. have to be channeled through the following:

  • Head of Department of the Student
  • Dean of the School
  • Registrar
  • Provost


The College engages the services of a full-time Guidance Counselor, students are free to consult the College counselor on issues concerning them. The counselor is trained to help students on academic matters, career choice, and development of social and vocational problems.

Students are advised to visit the College counselor for any problem (education, social and/or family) before the problem assumes a serious dimension.


The College shall not approve any request for change of name. Candidates would have complete their studies in the College with the names they were admitted with.